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Lorne Epstein - Unconscious Bias Trainer

Lorne Epstein

Managing Director & 

Unconscious Bias Trainer


Vivien Leung
Visual Scribe
Experiential Trainer

Lorne is a featured SHRM speaker and has been educating professionals since 1993. He was an HR executive for over 20 years and is currently SHRM-SCP certified.. His book, You're Hired! Interview Skills to Get the Job has been downloaded over a half-million times worldwide. His research and workshops focus is on improving decision-making and reducing the impacts of unconscious bias in the workplace.

Vivien is a visual practitioner and tends to the unknown and unseen spaces through visualization. Visually weaving key phrases and drawings that trace and reveal the energy and emotions that are alive in group conversations. She helps participants notice and reflect on the unseen, yet felt sense of relational information. 

Bart Bailey
Racial Diversity Consultant

Bart Small Headshot.jpg

Howard Ross
Bias Expert, Author, Facilitator

Howard Ross Headshot.jpg

Bart is a certified business, and leadership coach. He connects people to the heart of the matter to ignite change. His results create justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in organizations. . Emphasizing these four principles, his team creates ecosystems that foster a sense of belonging while simultaneously addressing behaviors that lead to "othering," the alienating or exclusionary behaviors that impede belonging. 

Howard is a lifelong social justice advocate and is one of the world's thought leaders in identifying and addressing unconscious bias.  He is the author of best selling books and isspecialized in synthesizing neuro-cognitive and social science research. His client work has focused on corporate culture change, leadership development, and managing diversity, inclusion, and belonging. 

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