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Our Clients Say


When Lorne Epstein squatted down to get eye level with our staff, I knew he was teaching with empathy. He was engaging our team. More importantly, he was listening as he was instructing. So often, speakers/coaches just talk. They want to dominate the room. Lorne realizes life is a two-way street. To be respected, one must show respect.


Lorne helped us understand how unconscious bias inhibits us from seeing what is actually happening in the present. He pushed us to question our thoughts in real-time. He challenged us to seek to understand other people’s viewpoints so we can be better servants, followers, and leaders.


With confidence, I recommend Lorne to help your organization as it pushes forward to make other people’s lives better.

Sean J. Vanslyke


SEMO Electric Cooperative

Robert Rose, Product Designer

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